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Staff & Volunteers

Courtney Potter portrait photo

Courtney Potter

Executive Director

With years of business development and leadership experience, Courtney is perfectly positioned to grow and lead the Chamber in its goal of building a balanced community, focused on quality of life and business.

With a background in management, starting, leading and consulting with local businesses and organizations, Courtney has the connections and skills to build and sustain a successful business advocacy organization.

Courtney possesses a deep understanding of the local business landscape and recognizes the importance of embracing diverse skill sets within the community. She has years of experience bringing together individuals and organizations with diverse backgrounds and perspectives and forming alliances to work for the common good.

Courtney has a master’s in business administration and holds a cosmetology license. She understands the needs of businesses of all sizes and the power of fostering meaningful connections.

Courtney is the mother of three amazing children. She loves spending time with her family, cheering on baseball success and enjoying newly learned dance routines. She appreciates the significance of creating opportunities that benefit families and businesses.

Courtney is driven by her vision to create a thriving community where businesses, organizations and individuals can flourish. The Thornton Area Chamber of Commerce aims to drive impactful change and empower the community and our members to reach their fullest potential. Please join us and Welcome to the chamber!

Tegan Johnson portrait photo

Tegan Johnson

Marketing Intern

Tegan is a vibrant individual and a proud graduate of Stargate Charter School. Growing up in Thornton, she's deeply rooted in her community and finds fulfillment in giving back through volunteer work. During her time at Stargate, Tegan was actively involved in various activities, including serving on the Student Council and honing her dance skills, which she pursues passionately in her free time, even taking on coaching responsibilities. With a keen interest in marketing, Tegan's passion lies in leveraging creativity and strategy to connect with audiences and drive impactful campaigns. She's poised to embark on the next chapter of her journey at CU Denver, where she plans to pursue her studies in marketing and business, eager to further develop her skills and contribute to the dynamic world of marketing.